Marreese Speights (15) celebrates a basket against the Milwaukee Bucks at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors: Will Marreese Speights Replace Carl Landry?

Replacing Carl Landry? Almost impossible for the Golden State Warriors, but they did a great job in signing Marreese Speights, who really knows what he’s doing when it comes to being a backup.

He’s not good enough to be a starter like Landry was, but he’s a great jump shooter who can finish at the basket.

He’s not quite as good at utilizing the pump fake as Landry is, but then again, he’s enough to be a replacement. What Speights doesn’t offer, however, is consistency. He will have some terrific 23-point outbursts, but most of his nights will be a shadow of David Lee with seven, eight, or nine points. Good enough for bench play.

He’s a bit more of a jump shooter than Landry was, but that’s good for the Warriors to dwell on, as they need that pick-and-pop to be available when Stephen Curry has nowhere to go after turning a corner. Everything that he does in this next video is proof of his basketball IQ. He knows where to be at the right time. This is good because with a guy like Curry, you never know what to expect.

Not only does Speights go hard to the basket, but he knows what he’s doing in terms of rolling off of a pick.

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