Jul 16, 2013; Flushing, NY, USA; American League pitcher Grant Balfour (50) of the Oakland Athletics throws a pitch in the 6th inning in the 2013 All Star Game at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Bay Area Buzz 7/17: Balfour Rages and Relaxes, Lincecum's Days Numbered, LaMichael Should Play WR

Balfour Rages, Then Relaxes at Midsummer Classic

Yeah, you could say Grant Balfour was a little amped up when he entered the 84th All-Star Game Tuesday night.

The A’s closer stalked around the mound. He muttered things to himself that are not appropriate for certain age groups. He, well, yes, he raged as he entered the game in the sixth inning. And then he walked the first batter he faced, Colorado’s Michael Cuddyer. A former teammate, no less.

– Paul Gutierrez, CSN Bay Area

Lincecum’s Days with the Giants Could Be Numbered 

The facts are the facts: Lincecum is arriving at free agency this off-season, he’s 29, he will want a lot of money, and he deserves to seek as much as he can get.

But the no-hitter notwithstanding, Lincecum’s long-term future as a starter is uncertain, and it does not seem like the Giants’ salary and roster structure is set up to pay Lincecum great gobs of money.

The last thing the Giants can afford to do is to pay Lincecum for the past and just take a flier on the future, or to base their judgments on gauzy sentiment and grand marketing possibilities.

– Tim Kawikami, San Jose Mercury News

LaMichael James Should Play Wide Receiver 

Though James is only entering his second year in the NFL, he can be used in the slot running out, slant and corner routes.  Short passes allow him to get the ball in his hands in the open field and make defenders miss tackles.  Even if the passes are screens and flairs on the edge, they still get him the ball out in the open much like New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles.

Using him in certain situations preserves aging running back Frank Gore.  Yes, Gore will not have the ball in his hands as much, but it keeps him healthier throughout a trying 16-game season and potential repeat Super Bowl run.  So the team does not become too predictable when James is in the backfield, the 49ers could use a split-back formation and throw the ball to the other running back.

– John Ware, Rant Sports


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