Jun 28, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Athletics relief pitcher Grant Balfour (50) and left fielder Yoenis Cespedes (52) celebrate after defeating the St. Louis Cardinals at O.Co Coliseum. The Oakland Athletics defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 6-1. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Bay Area Buzz 7/11: A's Underdog Personality, Kap's Cap, Iggy's Arrival a First

Oakland Athletics’ Singular All-Star Selection Matches Their Underdog Personality

So the Oakland Athletics have a single All-Star, and it’s the portly 40-year-old with no sideburns, a short little arm-stroke and a bit of a PED history.

Now, some folks are quite hysterical over this. The A’s have been slighted. They get no respect. It is unjust. No, a tragedy!

To that I say to the A’s, their fans and the people who valiantly swab their clubhouses, “Wear it, and wear it proudly.”

– Tim Brown, Yahoo! Sports

Colin Kaepernick and the Cap and Frown Controversy

With every trivial controversy, there’s always a deeper meaning. Thus, it’s time to open the door and look into the Colin Kaepernick hat controversy. Kaepernick was photographed at a party wearing a Miami Dolphins hat.

Fans are irate, Kaepernick is defiant.

From the fans’ point of view, they want to see their quarterback, the symbol of the team, be as avid as they are in supporting their team. They want Kaepernick bleeding crimson and Khaki just like they do. It’s all part of the sports myth of athletes as fans. But athletes aren’t fans. They are employees, and for that reason, they can’t be fans.

– Kevin Lynch, San Francisco Chronicle

Andre Iguodala Arrival is a First for Golden State Warriors

We’ve not seen an NBA free agent join the Warriors and make a distinct positive impression, which brings us to something else Iguodala should expect — besides the $48 million he’ll be paid through 2017.

The bar for free agents who are paid big money to wear a Warriors jersey is woefully low, set by Derek Fisher ($37 million over six years in 2004) and Corey Maggette ($50 mil, five years in 2008). Iguodala immediately becomes the most heralded free agent to actually choose the GSWs.

– Monte Poole, San Jose Mercury News

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