Jun 11, 2013; Alameda, CA, USA; General view of the line or scrimmage at Oakland Raiders minicamp at the Raiders Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders: Why It Is Better to Have Lowered Expectations

The Oakland Raiders have been struggling for quite some time now and it’s easy for fans to get worried and concerned about their team.

Fortunately for the Raiders, they are currently in some good hands with General Manager Reggie McKenzie, who has really made it a priority to improve the team’s roster by going through whatever is necessary.

Signing veterans for cheap, bringing in designated talent, and drafting young guys who can really play have all been part of McKenzie’s master plan this offseason. The Raiders are still in no position to contend for a Super Bowl, but they are on their way, one step at a time.

A lot of people say that it is better to lower your expectations for something; that way, you won’t be disappointed. I think that this statement can be true for this Raiders team, and it might be nice for some people to apply to their situation.

Of course, I still believe that they should aim for the stars and all try their best to be the best that they can be, but if fans could take a step back and realize that this team is clearly in rebuilding mode, then maybe they will relax a little bit. This team is still a work in progress and fans should not expect a monster year from them next season.

If fans realize that this team is still working to perfect themselves, then it can reduce their stress a bit. Realizing that their team is just bad — and accepting it — can prove to be helpful because at some point, you will realize it one way or another.

Look, the Raiders have Matt Flynn, Charles Woodson, Denarius Moore, Josh Cribbs, and plenty more talent on their roster. They went 4-12 last year, and if all things go well, they should definitely win more games this upcoming season.

But if the team struggles and doesn’t perform as well as fans hoped, just recognize the situation and know that things will be getting better for the struggling franchise.

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  • Silvia Arredondo

    As long as they are super bowl contenders when super bowl comes to the bay area, im good! I don’t care if they suck next year as long as the following year we have a playoff spot and a chance. Go raiders!

  • Angel

    This article is for people who stereotype Raider fans. ..who think US Raider fans believe Raiders are going to the Superbowl every year. Then I ask, “what is YOUR team??” They always hesitate. Us true Raider fans know where we’re at. . . We don’t have to explain crap. I hope we do great for Woodson. Oh and don’t ya’ll forget. There’s only one nation. Raider Nation.

  • Luis Hernandez

    True raider fans don’t accept that this team is bad. That’s just stupid. We might be in rebuilding mode, but we are not out of the playoff race at all. Our roster has improved a lot more since last season, so I don’t see how people can see this team as bad. Oh wait, it must be all this raider bashing I’ve heard this whole offseason. I guess that has become the norm when talking about this franchise. To take a cheap shot whenever the opportunity presents itself. You can talk about how we have holes everywhere on the roster, or about our QB situation, or whatever the case may be. This team has heart, it always has. This team always shoots for the stars every season, and this season we will do just that. We’ve got the coaching, we’ve got the players, we’ve got the system to do some damage this year! If you’re a raider fan, and doubt what they will do this coming season, you don’t deserve to wear silver and black. Raider nation should be looking forward to returning to excellence this season! Win, lose or tie… Raiders till I die!

  • Eugene Yamamoto

    There are a number of assumptions that you make that show that you have no clue about the Raider Nation fans and may give us more of an in-sight into your mentality. For one, you essentially conclude that the Raiders this year are bad (your words “realizing their team is just bad”). This assumes facts not in evidence. Not one of us has even seen this current roster play together. We can’t say we are great and we certainly cannot conclude we are bad. No one knows how this team will play. You can say we don’t have a wealth of recognized all stars on this team, but you can’t say that there is no talent on this team. We generally have a team of players who all have something to prove — whether they are rookies (e.g. Hayden, Watson, Moore, etc.), young wideouts, running backs and linebackers still establishing themselves (e.g. D. Moore, R. Streater, J. Ford, M. Reece, N. Roach, etc.), a stud running back D. Mac. trying to stay healthy and show he is elite in a contract year, young developing offensive and defensive linemen (the young Wiz, Veldeer, L. Houston), players trying to reestablish their pro-bowl caliber careers (M. Jenkins, T. Porter, T. Branch), recognized all pro older vets who would like to contribute their talents and finish as Raiders (C. Woodson, S. Janikowski). It is this common “something to prove mentality” with so many players being in contract years or on short term contracts, that creates the intrigue and potential for this team and us fans. Your second major incorrect conclusion is that our team gives us “stress” (your words “then it can reduce their stress”). To Raider fans the team gives us passion, not stress. You clearly have no understanding of our “us against the world” love of our team, of our bad boy renegade, rebel mentality. It is the chance to win against all odds (mad bomber, ghost to the post, Heidi Bowl comeback, 40 year old George Blanda comebacks) that we carry as a badge of honor. Reduce our expectations? What do you think our expectations are? This assumption that our expectations are not realistic expectations falls right in line with your rags article about Raider fans being blind. Get a clue! You don’t know what our expectations are so you can’t call them unrealistiv or tell us to reduce them. You need a Raider fan on your staff to give you some perspective. If we take your article with all its incorrect assumptions and deficiencies we would conclude that you should reduce your expectations so you won’t stress about your journalism career — from what we see you will never be a good journalist so you might want to go into the fertilizer business where you can sell your B.S. Gene Y.