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MLB All-Star Game: AL Manager Jim Leyland Says 'It's Too Bad' Josh Donaldson Was Snubbed

The American League has five third-basemen who more than deserve to go to the MLB All-Star Game on July 16 at Citi Field: Miguel Cabrera, Manny Machado, Josh Donaldson, Evan Longoria, and Adrian Beltre.

Unfortunately, only two of them were chosen. Cabrera was obviously voted in by the fans, and AL manager Jim Leyland decided that Machado was the second-best at his position in the league.

For some reason, he also determined that only two of the third basemen were worthy of being All-Stars, snubbing Donaldson, Longoria, and Beltre.

The decision to leave out Donaldson drew the ire of fans, players, and writers from around the nation, especially because the first place A’s only have one representative at the game in Bartolo Colon.

Astros pitcher Travis Blackley called it a “joke” that Donaldson wasn’t selected, and Brandon McCarthy of the Diamondbacks congratulated Donaldson on getting “royally screwed.”

Additionally, before the rosters were released, all six of ESPN’s experts had Donaldson on the AL squad, and CBSSports’ Jon Heyman did as well.

But the buck stopped with Leyland, who was apologetic when speaking to reporters on Sunday about Donaldson being left out.

“There’s a kid that got shortchanged, but there was nothing we could do about it,” he said. “You’ve got Miguel Cabrera, and the players voted [Manny] Machado, and then you’ve got him, and you’ve still got [Evan] Longoria and [Adrian] Beltre. I mean, he just fell in. And it’s too bad, because this kid … I’ll go on record saying this kid’s an All-Star this year but it just didn’t [work out]. I can’t have four third basemen. It’s too bad.”

Donaldson was hitting .317 with 15 home runs and 57 RBI going into Sunday’s game against the Roayls.

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