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Golden State Warriors Top Pick Nemanja Nedovic Can Fly

Today’s footage gives Golden State Warriors fans an idea of the type of explosiveness they can expect to see out of Nemanja Nedovic, the 30th pick in this year’s NBA draft who was the final pick of the 2013 first round.

The Warriors are trying to get the 6-foot-4 Nedovic over to the U.S. for their summer league games to evaluate whether he’s a viable option right now in the backcourt to give them some minutes next season after losing Jarrett Jack.

Nedovic, who turned 23 on June 16, is a Serbian national team player who played for BC Lietuvos rytas in Lithuania last season after playing for Red Star Belgrade for four years, which is a very large club. Both teams participate in the Euroleague, the highest level of European basketball.

Here are a couple scouting notes from

Luka Bassin, International Scout and Coach
“A combo-guard he is probably the most explosive European player at this year’s draft. He is kind of a mix between the “Balkan” old school and the modern “power & strength” basketball. Very daring and aggressive, effective in transition and isolation. Could develop himself into a good NBA role player and more if he improves his shooting from distance and pick/roll situations.”

Lorenzo Neri, Draftology
“An explosive kid with an solid athletic skill set, an energy guy who can attack the rim on every situation and move the defense with his slashing abilities. This year he’s also improved his 3-point shooting (from 26.8 per cent in 82 attempts to 39.2 per cent in 152 attempts). He needs work on decision-making, concentration on defense and how to finish around the basket.”

Blue Man Hoop points out some reasons the Warriors could use the explosive young guard as soon as possible, but I’m gonna just skip right to his sick highlight reel.

I think you’ll be glad I did.




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