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Oakland Raiders: Why It’s Easy For The Media To Bash The Team

What’s the difference between the Raiders and Lindsay Lohan?

Well, nothing.

In the last several years, both have devolved into bona fide losers.

Exposing and chronicling their fall from grace at every misstep was our American media.  When there was an embarrassing home blowout or a rehab stint for blow, the press could be counted on to further cast shame with their negative commentaries.

Raiders and Lohan fans have become defensive over the relentless, disparaging articles, but they’ve failed to realize that the NFL franchise and the actor had it coming. You don’t get slammed in the papers or on the web for doing nothing (unless you’re a politician).

In the Raiders’ case, idiotic moves in the past decade have started from the front office down. You don’t see the New England Patriots host a head coaching carousel, or sign a deteriorating Javon Walker to a six year, $55 million deal with $16 million guaranteed, do we?

The on-field show has been just as horrendous. Since 2003, Oakland has amassed a 49-111 regular season record, with zero postseason appearances. During the span, the Raiders have been the most penalized team in the league. Players have quit (Randy Moss), questioned the strategy (Tim Brown) and celebrated leaving (Kevin Boss).

Since the last great playoff run, the Raiders have made a commitment to ugliness.  Maybe you can accept JaMarcus Russell’s performance, but sports writers won’t.  Bad football will be held accountable.

What many offended folks in Raider Nation are too oblivious to notice are that all the NFL bottom feeders get this kind of flak.  If you regularly read the Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills or Detroit Lions news outlets, the tone sounds eerily familiar.

As for this author, a noted Raider basher, I will say on record that I worship the Silver and Black.  I also embrace sarcasm and tough love.  Without it, I would have undoubtedly quit reality in 2006 when the Aaron Brooks and Andrew Walter-led “team” finished 2-14, or when the 2011 squad lost at home in week 17 to the San Diego Chargers to forfeit the AFC West title (to Tim Tebow’s circus tour, no less).  It’s arguable Lohan’s life has been less depressing to watch.

For ten years, the Raiders have sucked, and they still suck.  Even without the late Al Davis in charge, the team continues to blunder when re-signing fired offensive coordinators (Greg Knapp) and pulling the trigger on short-sighted trades (the Carson Palmer swindling).  Nothing will change the media’s (accurate) perspective until the team changes its ways, simply by winning.

But for the critics who tirelessly trash Raider fans, those people can burn in hell for all I care.

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  • Silvia Arredondo

    Hmmm… Idk I kind of like all the media attention. I love the Raider haters who keep making us more and more important. At least we are known to have 3 superbowl wins– not like a team who just had their first playoff appearance or another team who has never seen a playoff appearance. The hate is what makes us stronger; it makes us who we are. So I say keep bringing in the propaganda because when we do climb up to the top again, and I assure you we will, Raider Nation will have the last laugh.

    • http://theruination.net/ Rui Thomas

      I agree. The Raiders are the most relevant bad NFL team, maybe aside from the Jets. That last laugh will be sweet.

  • Adrian Rehn

    You forgot Mark Davis’ hair lol…

    • http://theruination.net/ Rui Thomas

      Don’t go there lol

    • Mel Anderson

      At least he has hair. LOL

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  • phil s

    damit you are right man, i wanted to get pissed at you for another bash fest but you are right about everything… the lohan thing was a low blow though, haha. i can only hope that once the raiders pull it together the media will move on and leave the 3 time champs alone for awhile.

    • http://theruination.net/ Rui Thomas

      Much appreciated. It’s been a dark decade my man…I do admit the Lohan comparison may have been unnecessary lol, she seems to have no direction in life, but the Raiders are definitely on the upswing.