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Oakland Raiders to Pay JaMarcus Russell $3 Million to Settle Contract Dispute

JaMarcus Russell: the leech that just keeps sucking out blood and giving Oakland Raiders’ fans more reasons to hate their former quarterback.

The Raiders are paying Russell close to $3 million to settle a contract dispute, according to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle.  This is on top of the $49.6 million that the Raiders are paying this season to players who aren’t even on the roster anymore.

Russell, who signed 6-year, $68 million contract after being the first overall pick in 2007, was waived in 2010 and had already been paid over $36 million. He was still owed $3 million.

However, according to Tafur, not only did the Raiders refuse to pay it, but they also filed a grievance against Russell and asked for a repayment of over $9 million. Russell responded with his own grievance against the Raiders, asking for an additional $9 million (it’s not making much sense to me, either).

The case was set to go to court, but the two sides decided to settle with the Raiders paying Russell the original $3 million that he was owed.

Russell, without a doubt, is one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history. He was downright awful in his two seasons as the Raiders starting quarterback.

In 2009, he had a woeful quarterback rating of 50.0 and threw three touchdowns in 12 games as opposed to 11 interceptions and nine fumbles.

The Raiders released Russell following that season, and he has been out of the league since. He last tried out for the Dolphins and Redskins in 2010, but could not land a spot on the roster.

He is attempting a comeback this offseason, however, and has been working out with teams recently.

But regardless of whether or not he lands a job this year, he’ll receive at least $3 million in his bank account for doing absolutely nothing.

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  • James Holtslander

    Russell is the burglar that sues the home owner for hurting himself in their home while robbing them and wins in court.

    I can’t stand this loser.

    I don’t care what a contract says if you can’t do your job, or won’t do your job IE: (blank DVD). Biggest loser ever. (Aside from OJ, Ray Caruth, and Aaron Hernandez).

  • Julio Echeverria

    Just go away! How much more damage can you inflict on an organization. Go away!

  • jim

    just a trailer trash scumbag!!!

  • Blu Spikes

    JaMarcus Russell:really–more money for doing nothing, first of all congratulations for getting paid for doing nothing. A contract is a contract the Raiders need to pay you for all you did. What did you do? You should be sued for breach of contract, failing to reach a proficient level of expectation for a PROFESSIONAL athlete. Your poor play, and lack of motivation while with the Raiders has been historical and hysterical. Forget about 2nd chances; you young man need that Twentieth chance. Good luck in your new endeavors, you’ll need it.