Bay Area Buzz 7/3: Giants No-Hit, Brooks Should Not Be Charged, Warriors Want Dwight

Giants No-Hit by Homer Bailey

When does this shift from “We’re going badly right now” to “Let’s look at 2014?”

No matter what happened tonight, it’s still too early to give up on ’13. The National League West makes it so. By the time the trade deadline approaches at the end of this month, the answer might be different. The Giants have to start hitting. They have to believe what they said in the clubhouse tonight — what manager Bruce Bochy was thinking as he leaned on the dugout rail to watch the Bailey celebration.

– Henry Schulman, San Francisco Chronicle

Why 49ers’ Ahmad Brooks Should Not Be Charged

The simple answer is, no. I do believe that he should get some counseling and think ahead the next time he is going to get plastered. If you are making millions of dollars a year to play a game, you can afford to have someone drive you around when you are drunk.

For me, Brooks is guilty of being a bad drunk. That is it, plain and simple. He and Divens have come to an agreement outside of the court system, so why bog down the system and use more of the taxpayer’s money.

– Jim Gillis Jr., NinerFans.com

Golden State Warriors Want Dwight Howard

He’s a pure Franchise Center. Franchise Centers are immensely valuable, and that supersedes everything.

For the Warriors, that’s why it’s worth taking a shot at convincing Howard that this is the right spot for him to win NBA titles … and for the GSW brass to look a little coldhearted with the rest of their “great locker room” that is now suddenly up for grabs, metaphorically …

– Tim Kawakami, San Jose Mercury News

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