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Poll of the Day: Would You Trade Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes for Dwight Howard?

The Golden State Warriors are in a situation where they could possibly acquire Dwight Howard, one of the best centers in the NBA, even if he’s unmotivated.

Fortunately for Howard, there are many perks of joining a team that is reloaded, and looking like it could be one of the best in the NBA if he were to come there. He worked out with Stephen Curry yesterday, and perhaps, he’s testing the water. There’s a small chance of him signing with the Warriors, but if it could happen, who would you choose to stay?

The deal would be a sign-and-trade, involving either Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson, two of the Warriors’ best offensive players, both integral parts of the offense.

It’s a huge debate right now. Barnes is a superstar in the making, as he showed us averaging 16.2 PPG during the Warriors’ playoff run. Thompson didn’t do as well at just above 14 PPG in the playoffs, but he’s Curry’s partner in the backcourt, and together, they make a great one-two punch. They’re two of the premier shooters in the game.

It’s a really tough choice because they both show us potential, but on the other hand, both have weaknesses to their games. Barnes is a less-than-average defender, but that can be improved. Thompson lacks consistency, but of course, that can also be improved.

If it was up to you, who would you have stay, and who would you have go?

Would You Trade Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes for Dwight Howard?

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