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Golden State Warriors: What Nemanja Nedovic Will Bring to the Team

The Golden State Warriors, with David Stern’s last pick ever, selected Nemanja Nedovic at 30th overall.

It was really sad to see Stern conclude the first round, as he got an ovation from the crowd, as opposed to what he usually gets. After 30 years, Stern has announced his last pick — around 900 first round pick — as the commissioner.

Sad, isn’t it?

Back to the actual subject. What does Nemanja Nedovic bring to the expanding Warriors? The Warriors were really eager getting a pick in the draft, and after some wacky antics, finally settled to trade for the 30th pick. Nedovic is a guard from Serbia, who could be of value to the Warriors.

The Warriors really lacked good defense on the fastbreak, but Nedovic has great speed so he can get back as quickly as they need him to. He could also grab a rebound with his reach at 8’3″ (standing), and sprint right to the basket for the coast-to-coast layup.He’s great in that aspect.

As for set offense, he’s yet another player that can stretch the floor with a 38% 3-point percentage. He’s no Stephen Curry, but maybe his shot will be good.

As for his weaknesses, his only blatant one is the ability to share the basketball. He’s not a very good distributor.

He’s supposed to be a quick point guard, but unfortunately, will not ever be handling the ball for the Warriors, who are obviously still looking to spread the floor. Maybe he will play the off-guard spot but even Klay Thompson has good passing skills.

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