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Poll of the Day: Will the Oakland Athletics Move to San Jose?

FROM THE EDITOR: In addition to our morning link dump, also knowns as the “Bay Area Buzz,” we will be rolling out a daily “Poll of the Day.” These will be intriguing questions regarding “hot topics” in the Bay Area sports scene, and we will kick things off with a bang by discussing the hottest topic in the bay right now. 

One of the hottest topics in the Bay Area right now is the saga concerning the Oakland Athletics and their pending move to San Jose.

To recap this issue real quick, Lew Wolff and the A’s want to move to San Jose, and the city is welcoming the ballclub with open arms. However, since the Giants own the territorial rights to San Jose (rights that the A’s handed over to the Giants in the 1990s, by the way), they are denying the A’s proposal to move.

As a result, the decision regarding the move was turned over to the commissioner’s office, but no outcome has been reached in four years.

So, finally fed up with the lack of progress, San Jose’s city council unanimously voted to sue MLB, claiming a “blatant conspiracy” over baseball’s desire to control the location and relocation of its franchises.

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The question of the day is rather simple, yet complex. Will the lawsuit force MLB to make a decision and rule in favor of San Jose? Or will it complicate the issue even further, like Dolich said? Will the Giants eventually loosen their grasp and give up their territorial rights, or will this stalemate go on forever?

Poll of the day: Will the Oakland Athletics Move to San Jose?

Will the Oakland Athletics Move to San Jose?

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Answer the poll, and feel free to share your opinions below:

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