Chris Kluwe is an intriguing person (Photo: Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports)

Oakland Raiders Punter Chris Kluwe Tweets During Wild Car Ride to Las Vegas

Take a look at the Twitter account of Oakland Raiders punter Chris Kluwe and you’ll quickly find out that he’s no ordinary NFL player.

Kluwe, who is very outspoken and is a staunch gay rights activist, has a very popular Twitter account and his tweets are rarely football-related.

For example, last night, Kluwe live tweeted his fascinating car ride across Las Vegas.

So I’m just going to display some of his tweets below, without any context.


So let’s see. Kluwe is looking forward to strippers in Vegas, pokes fun at Arizona’s illegal immigration law, rips Nevada, calls it drunk, and lashes out at abstinence. All while driving down the highway, half asleep.

Yep, he’s undoubtedly my favorite NFL punter of all time, and no one even comes close.


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