Colon Keeps Streaking (Photo: Elaine Thompson / AP)

Bay Area Buzz 6/22: Colon Keeps Streaking, 49ers and Lloyd, Raiders Hard Not to Hate

Cespedes and Colon. That Is All.

Well, let’s see what we can take away from tonight’s game. Bartolo Colon is scary good this year, Yoenis Cespedes just loves playing in the field and should never DH again, the A’s like hitting four homeruns in games that Iwakuma starts, and we all hope that John Jaso’s injury is minor.

Once again, the A’s hit four home runs in a game that Iwakuma started, but this time, they were all off him. Iwakuma has the second-best ERA in the league, and the A’s beat him up like they owned him for the second time in five games.

– Athletics Nation

Should 49ers Consider Free-Agent WR Brandon Lloyd? 

For one, Lloyd can instantly turn an uncatchable ball into a ESPN Top 10 play. Time and time again you will see Lloyd make tough catches look easy. Whether it is out jumping defensive backs or hauling in a one-handed reception, Lloyd has the hand-eye coordination to make an instant impact.

Another reason the 49ers should consider Lloyd is to add an insurance policy in case Jenkins is injured or not living up to his potential. Sure, Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh says Jenkins is having some of the best practices of his life, but again it’s practice.

– Ryan Sakamoto,

The Raiders Are Difficult Not to Hate

For any San Diego Chargers fan that has been a fan of the team long enough, you almost certainly feel the most pain when they lose to the Oakland Raiders. The reasons for this are many. The Raiders have long been one of the dirtiest (and most penalized) teams in The League. This was by design. Al Davis loved fielding a team like that. They have one of the largest and most obnoxious (stabbing people is obnoxious, right?) fan bases in sports. That’s the result of a great deal of success and an admittedly badass color scheme and logo. The Raiders aren’t just easy to hate, they’re difficult not to hate.


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