Britain's Lawrence Okoye competes in the men's discus throw qualifications at the Olympic Stadium. Photograph: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers: Lawrence Okoye Has a World of Potential

Jim Harbaugh has had some generous words for Lawrence Okoye. There has been a lot of excitement among the 49ers fans about Okoye as well. What realistic expectations can there be for an athlete like Okoye?

This year will be a year of transition for Okoye. He should not be expected to play much, if at all this season. He is still in the process of learning the game of American Football. It is very likely that the 49ers will place him on the practice side. This will give him time to develop. If another team were to pick Okoye, they would have to place him on their actual roster.

The ambition and natural athletic abiity along with the will to work hard everyday with coach Tomsula. Okoye will need to be comfortable with learning process. They have to be ready to allow him to come along in small steps. The best thing is that you can’t coach size. That is something that an athlete is blessed with. In Okoye’s case, he was blessed with a 6’6″ 304 pound body.

Harbaugh spoke a bit on the patience and the size that Okoye was granted with.

“It’s a process and we just have to be patient,” he said. “I think that there’s a lot of great clay there to mold. I’m excited. We will do everything in our power to give him a chance to be successful”

He also said that Okoye will play defensive line and special teams.

One good thing for Okoye is that he was a rugby player when he was younger. Simply put, the guy is a natural athlete. He decided to become a discus thrower and in two years he was able to compete in the Olympics. That kind of ability is very unique.

The defensive line is the best spot for Okoye. He will get the chance to use his size and speed to get to the quarterback. Any contribution will occur down the line.

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