May 16, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (30) congratulates San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker (9) after game six of the second round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs at Oracle Arena. The Spurs defeated the Warriors 94-82. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors: Ranking Stephen Curry Among Scoring Point Guards

A point guard is the position reserved for the best passer and ballhandler on the team. Is that Stephen Curry? Of course it is. For the Warriors, he is the best passer and ball-handler that they could have asked for at the 7th pick in the draft a few years ago. He has never failed to impress and he’s also one of the best shooters in the NBA.

His numbers for assists went up in the playoffs, and that just shows how much potential he has. Facing adversity his whole life, Curry was always a shooting guard. Because he’s only 6’3″, he developed the ball-handling and passing skills, and now has true court vision. This is why he’s such a great player.

Not only can he pass the ball very well, but he’s now becoming known as possibly one of the best shooters in NBA history, already. He’s been in the league for four years, and is now gaining this reputation. With this being said, where does he rank amongst the scoring point guards (not necessarily the best) in the league?

1. Russell Westbrook:

Without a doubt, Westbrook is the best scoring point guard in the NBA today. Unfortunately for him and the Thunder, he tore his meniscus in Game 2 of the first round, and never saw action after that. The Thunder still won in the first round, and many thought it to be a blessing in disguise.

Unfortunately for OKC, it showed home much they really needed Westbrook, as they lost 4-1 in the next round to the Memphis Grizzlies, who were later swept by the Spurs. Westbrook’s Scoring Stats: 23.2 PPG on 43.8% shooting

2. Stephen Curry:

Curry is second on this list, simply because he’s not an explosive scorer like Westbrook, who almost never gets hot. Curry should have some off-nights as a great shooter, but he never does. This is what makes him so good. Every game he plays he’s praised by the opponents’ commentators on what a beautiful stroke he has. The only teams that had to experience the torments every game were the Denver Nuggets and the Spurs.

Curry was electric in these series, and he lead the Warriors to the 4-2 upset of the Nuggets in the first round, after the Warriors became the first and only team in the Western Conference to play the Spurs and not get swept. Curry showed the whole world why he was an all-star and that he’s leading his team to some big things. Curry’s Scoring Stats: 22.9 PPG on 45% shooting

3. Deron Williams:

Although Deron Williams didn’t have an all-star season, he’s still leading the Brooklyn Nets and doing all that he can to help his partner in the backcourt, Joe Johnson. Curry is the best shooter sure, but in terms of streaky from beyond the 3-point line, Williams can really hit when he’s hot. Whether it’s nine in a half, or 10 for the game, Williams really knows what shots to take when he gets on a role.

Williams’ Scoring Stats: 18.9 PPG on 44% shooting

4. Monta Ellis:

The last man in this category was Curry’s first partner in the backcourt, Mr. Monta Ellis. Ellis was the star of Golden State till he was traded to the Bucks. It was a great trade for the Warriors, but terrible for the Bucks, who are now likely to lose Ellis to free agency. Despite the inefficiency of Milwaukee’s backcourt, Ellis was able to get recognition for his scoring ability, especially in crunch time.

Against the Orlando Magic, Ellis scored upwards of 15 points in the final six minutes of regulation to lead his team to the victory. Ellis’ scoring stats: 19.2 PPG on 41.6% shooting

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