Bryan Stow is out of the hospital. (Photo: John Stow, via AP)

Bryan Stow Back Home After Insurance Stops Paying for Medical Care

Bryan Stow is back home, but it’s not for the best.

The 44-year-old paramedic and Giants fan who was brutally assaulted outside Dodger Stadium in 2011 is out of the hospital and back home with family, according to a post on their official website.

Stow is back at home because the insurance company has stopped paying for medical care.

“Bryan could have benefited greatly by staying at CNS (Centre for Neuroskills in Bakersfield) longer,” the Stow family said on their website. “We are so glad to have him home, but as prepared as we thought we were, it was a difficult transition. Bryan requires so much assistance and it is impossible for Ann and Dave to do it alone.”

It goes on to say that they are happy that Stow is home, but he has “physically experienced a big setback” due to the lack of medical care.

“At first look and during conversations, Bryan appears to be doing better, cognitively,” said the statement. “But to be with him as much as we are, we see what others don’t. The memory problems, the use of words that do not belong, the pain he is in and the stiffness in his body that prevents him from being able to do things on his own.”

What should happen is that either the Giants or Dodgers step up and pay Stow’s medical bills for him. If these teams can dish out millions of dollars to athletes who play a game, they can surely spend a few hundred thousand bucks to support Stow and help him as much as possible.

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