Nick LeGrande will throw out the first pitch tonight using a telerobotic pitching machine. Photo: Google / Youtube

Boy with Severe Blood Disorder to Throw Out First Pitch at A's-Yankees Game

Once in a while, we come across a story like this that is so heartwarming that you may just a feel a tear escaping your eyes.

A 13-year-old boy named Nick LeGrande, who was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, a blood disorder, will throw out the first pitch before the A’s-Yankees game on Wednesday night at the Coliseum.

He will also be making history in the process, as Nick will be using the help of a telerobotic pitching machine to throw the pitch because he cannot be around large crowds due to his disorder. With an assist from Google, his will be the first telerobotic first pitch thrown in the history of baseball.

So, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Nick “will be taken to a mini-baseball stadium, specially constructed by Google at its Kansas City offices. The telerobotic pitching machine, meanwhile, will sit atop the pitcher’s mound in Oakland. The machine will follow Nick’s movements as he winds up and throws, allowing him to throw the pitch remotely and to see it happen at Coliseum.”

Nick is an avid A’s fan and loves playing the game of baseball. Unfortunately, his illness has taken away one of his biggest loves, but he is on the road to recovery and looking forward to the day that he can be back on the field.

For more on Nick and his incredible story, watch the video below:

Go get ‘em, Nick.

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