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JaMarcus Russell: 'I'm Just Looking Forward to My Chance'

As we all know, JaMarcus Russell has had his ups and downs. However, you can’t deny the fact that he still has the potential to be a great quarterback, even if he doesn’t show it all the time.

The JaMarcus of old is no more.

The JaMarcus of old has been decimated and obliterated. The JaMarcus of old is gone, but the JaMarcus of new is alive and well. The JaMarcus of new has lost 50 pounds. The JaMarcus of new is at playing weight. The JaMarcus of new is, most importantly, motivated.

JaMarcus Russell is motivated. Yes, I said it.

Finally, he is working hard. If Russell had showed this much effort earlier in his career, he might still be in Oakland. There is no doubt that he can still play well, but the real question is “will he play well?”

Russell spoke to Golden Gate Sports last week about his comeback, and he said, “I’m just looking forward to my chance to get back in (the league). I’ll be working out with the Bears and a couple other teams coming up soon.”

However, the Bears reportedly have no interest in signing him after he worked out for them. According to a source close to the Bears, the workout was “just to let teams know that the comeback is serious.”

He has also apparently told unspecified people that he is going to tryout for the Baltimore Ravens, but the Baltimore Sun reports that nothing has been scheduled yet.

Russell has shown dedication in these past few months, but his work is not done yet. He needs to secure a spot on somebody’s roster and then prove that he still has the goods. If he does that, then he can and will compete for a starting spot in the NFL.

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