San Francisco Giants: 3 Trade Options to Replace Ryan Vogelsong

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May 20, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants pitcher Ryan Vogelsong (32) follows through on a pitch against the Washington Nationals in the second inning at AT&T Park.

Maybe 2013 just wasn’t supposed to be Ryan Vogelsong’s year. On top of his early season struggles (worst ERA in baseball), he fractured two bones in his right pinkie area Monday night while trying to swing at an inside pitch delivered by Zach Duke of the Washington Nationals.

If Vogelsong’s prognosis–four to six weeks on the shelf–holds true, he will be out until early July. That timetable isn’t considering the rehab, which will take up some time because he broke the pinkie on his pitching hand. So, he’ll have to regain the strength in his hand and arm before being fully ready to return to the mound. Early August is an optimistic prediction with those factors considered.

With the trade deadline being on July 31, the Giants will have time to assess the state of their rotation and craft a plan. Going with Chad Gaudin or a minor leaguer, such as Michael Kickham, might not be a beneficial long-term plan. Further, removing Gaudin from the bullpen might mess up the rhythm of the league’s second-best bullpen, ERA-speaking.

Of course, I can’t look into the crystal ball and tell you what things are going to look like in two months, but I can throw some names out there.

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