Oakland Raiders Fans' Dedication Pays Off in Signing of Charles Woodson

For over six hours, they waited:

Charles Woodson was coming to town on Tuesday, and from the looks of it, he might as well as been the second coming of Jesus.

A large contingent of Oakland Raiders fans gathered outside team headquarters in Alameda to welcome Woodson, who was making a free agent visit. Some of them arrived as early as 9:30 in the morning, which either shows their dedication or their insanity.

They kept waiting throughout the morning, cheering on other Raiders who were leaving the parking lot. Many of the players took the time to stop and sign autographs, and Terrelle Pryor even brought them some water.

Finally, at around 2:30 in the afternoon, some five hours after the first fans arrived, a black Chevrolet with Woodson inside drove into the parking lot:


Woodson smiled and put his hands up in the air as he stepped out of the car, perhaps a foreshadowing of the good news to come as he entered the building.

About 40 minutes later, he emerged with former Raiders defensive back Willie Brown, holding up a Silver and Black jersey:

Then there was silence for a while. Some fans left, as Woodson chatted with Raiders brass inside.

At around 5:15 in the early evening, assistants and scouts filed out of headquarters to inform the remaining group of fans that “it will be awhile.”

But it would not really be that long.

Finally, as the clock inched closer to 7:00 pm, the Raiders announced that they had indeed signed Woodson to a one-year deal:

Whether or not Woodson had planned to sign with the Raiders all along, or whether or not the fans had any impact on the decision, the Raiders fanbase sure generated a lot of positive attention on Tuesday with this showcase.

Not many teams have fans dedicated enough to stand in a parking lot for six-plus hours to try and lure a free agent, but Raider Nation pulled it off, and based on the end result, it was an overwhelming success.



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