Apr 26, 2013; Alameda, CA, USA; Oakland Raider first round pick D.J. Hayden during the press conference at Oakland Raiders headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders: Scouts "Shocked" About Drafting D.J. Hayden, See Risks in Raiders' Picks

Reggie McKenzie and the Oakland Raiders certainly took a risk in selecting cornerback D.J. Hayden with the 12th overall selection in the NFL Draft, and NFL scouts seem to concur.

According to WalterFootball, scouts were “shocked McKenzie would draft a risky player like Hayden with his initial first-round pick as a general manager.”

The scouts are most probably concerned about his injury. Hayden collided with a teammate at practice last year at Houston and severed his inferior vena cava, nearly killing him.

However, he miraculously survived, participated in Pro Day, and was swooped up by the Raiders, who traded down from the No. 3 pick and selected him.

Scouts also believed that the Raiders would have been “safer” going with defensive tackle Shariff Floyd out of Florida, who they were also interested in. Floyd fell to the Vikings with the 23rd selection.

Preliminary mock drafts had the Raiders picking Floyd at No. 3 overall, but on the day of the draft, several reports came out claiming that they were seriously considering Hayden.

Scouts concluded that the Raiders’ selections in the later rounds (Tyler Wilson, Nick Kasa, Mychal Rivera, Latavius Murray, Brice Butler, and David Bass) have “boom-or-bust” potential, but thought they were “solid selections by McKenzie and some could contend to start immediately.”

Overall, however, the concensus around the league is that McKenzie took a gamble in the draft, especially with his first selection in Hayden.

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  • jeff yaws

    scouts arent doctors and all the doctors have cleared hayden to play,.

    hayden was a great pick

    and all players are boom or bust before they take an NFL snap,..thats just stupid

    mckensie knows talent and mckensie knows how to spend

    mckensie makin all the right moves

    • goldenbaysports

      On the other hand, doctors aren’t scouts, all they can do is clear him medically.

      • Kip Grosso

        And Hayden was a top 3 pick prior to his injury

        • goldenbaysports

          “Prior to his injury”

          There you go.

      • Bob Yost

        & all scouts can do is render opinions & cluck like a yard full of chickens.

        • goldenbaysports

          There is a reason why they are professional scouts, hired by NFL teams to evaluate players.

          • Bob Yost

            Ok, & despite that fact they are maybe 50/50 @ best. Just because you’ve managed to get paid to do something in no way indicates that you will do it well, or that you are even qualified to do the job in the first place. Example: Gregg Knapp

    • Bob Yost

      Totally agree with all you said here

  • Kip Grosso

    The kid’s been 100% cleared by medical experts. Zero risk in that arena.

    • jonathanhakim

      In what world does “medically cleared” equal “zero risk”???

      • goldenbaysports

        My point exactly. Thank you.

  • Bob Yost

    Who really gives a crap about “consensus around the league”? The next time consensus around the league is positive towards the Raiders will be the first time.

    • goldenbaysports

      Because they haven’t deserved to be talked about in a positive manner around the league?

  • Tim Martindale

    We got the safe pick in Gallery one year u c how that panned out we needed a corner way worse than a DT we can move Houston if need b that’s where he should b anyway

  • http://www.facebook.com/raiduz76 Brandon Wands

    OMG every NFL player is just one hit away from having a career ending injury..Scouts are not very bright..DJ HAYDEN is the best player in the draft and we got him…We needed a CB more than a DL..Besides is Mcgee doesn’t get in any trouble he’ll be a steal ..

    • goldenbaysports

      DJ Hayden is the best player in the draft? That’s a VERY bold prediction.

  • Johnny

    I still haven’t gotten over the scouts predictions that JaMarcus Russell would be the second edition of John Elway. That Michael Huff was such a stud or Rolondo McLain is the “safest” pick in the draft. The way I see it anymore is that the more scouts disapprove of a player’s ability the better. It sounds like the medical issue is far less risky than the typical boom or bust issue that comes with every single player drafted or has ever been drafted. Wait…are we talking real scouts that get paid by real NFL franchises or the dolts on ESPN and NFL Network?