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Bay Area Buzz 5/5: Quiroz Saves the Day, Closer Look at Lattimore

Backup Quiroz Homers to Save Giants’ Day

What started as a laugher for the Giants turned into a cryer. Then more laughs and more tears. Finally, a carnival ride that somehow got to extra innings despite the Giants having two five-run leads and the Dodgers scoring seven runs in the fifth inning, ended the only way it could:

A Guillermo Quiroz walkoff home run.

– Henry Schulman, San Francisco Chronicle

49ers Draft Picks 2013: A Closer Look at Marcus Lattimore

In a perfect world we’d all love to see Gore end his career as a 49er. However, if Lattimore is healthy and even a shell of his former self, the writing may be on the wall for Gore at the conclusion of the 2013 season.

The bottom line is that Lattimore, if healthy, is the running back of the future in San Francisco. Even with Hunter, James and Dixon on the roster, Lattimore is the player best suited to be an every down back. Hunter, James and Dixon are specialists who fill specific roles in the offense. Lattimore is a workhorse.

– Nick Chiamardas, Niners Nation

Sacramento Likely to Keep the Kings, Seattle Likely to Keep the Fight

That the Maloofs have no desire to work with the Sacramento group is no surprise. They have consistently spurned Sacramento for the greener pastures of the Northwest and were considerably affronted when the Sacramento group did not match Seattle’s $16.5 million bid increase. What is surprising is that they remain obstinate despite their seeming defeat.

Of course, it shouldn’t be surprising. The Maloofs are married to their villainous role — a change from which would be as shocking as when Hulk Hogan turned heel and joined the NWO. Still, it’s not too much to expect human decency, is it?

– East Bay Sports Guy, Bay Area Sports Guy


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