Cal Bears: Remembering Jeff Tedford's Legacy

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Oct 22, 2011; San Francisco CA, USA; California Golden Bears head coach Jeff Tedford high fives a player during the fourth quarter against the Utah Utes at AT&T Park. Photo-Kelley L. Cox, USA Today Sports.

When Cal fans hear the name Jeff Tedford 10 years from now, what will they think about?

Will they think of Tedford as the coach that had two losing seasons in his last three years, or the head coach that lost by a combined 90 points in his last two games? I hope not.

I hope Cal fans remember him as the coach that completely turned a 1-10 football program to a program that had nine out of 11 winning seasons under his leadership.  I hope they remember him as the coach that brought national attention and respect back to the California Golden Bears.

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  • loverpoint

    I’ll remember Tedford as a coach that turned them around but could only take them to a level of Mediocre. Sure Cal came close to being the #1 ranked team in the nation, but they lost, thus that even escaped him. That alone seem to be the apex of the Tedford Era to me. After that Cal had a few years where they would be ranked high in the preseason and win their first 2 ( No Contest Games against small football programs ) and then fall flat during the regular season because of their inability to get motivated on road games, or big home games.

    Tedford became rich, fat, and lazy. ( Just look at past footage of Tedford compared to other Pac-12 coaches, he had no fire or desire like Harbaugh Carroll and Kelly ) Despite having some very good recruiting classes many of the players Tedford coached were actually coached to their full potential when they left Cal, this is another reason for the fans to raise and eyebrow and say ” How come they didn’t play like that at Cal “?. The so called QB Guru went on a continually downward spiral after finding his claim to fame QB Aaron Rodgers. Longstreet, Riley, Maynard. It could be said that Tedford sold out the team to Maynard so he could recruit Allen and because of that he lost his job.

    I wanted Tedford replaced 4 years ago because of what became apparent to many fans; Tedford showed favoritism to certain players and could not take his teams to the next level.

    Will Sonny Dykes take Cal to the next level? He is in the perfect position to take Cal there. He has the enthusiasm, the innovation on offense. I still have my concerns about how much attention he will pay towards defense. With the departure over the last 3 years of Carroll, Harbaugh, and Kelly to the NFL this could be the perfect time and opportunity for Dykes.

    If you want to be remembered at Cal, You need to win a Rose Bowl.