NBA Draft: Teams That Should Select Allen Crabbe

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March 20, 2013; San Jose, CA, USA; California Golden Bears guard Allen Crabbe (23) addresses the media in a press conference during practice the day before the second round of the 2013 NCAA tournament at HP Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Allen Crabbe is a 6’6, 205 pound shooting guard junior from the California Golden Bears. On April 3, 2013, Crabbe announced that he will be entering the 2013 NBA Draft, meaning he will miss his senior year at Cal. He was an outstanding player for the Golden Bears, where he won numerous awards, such as Pac-12 Player of the Year (2013), First team all Pac-12 (2012, 2013) and Pac-12 Freshman of the year (2011).

Crabbe has a variety of skills that NBA teams could use. His shooting ability is his best skill, one that he can use in the NBA. Crabbe is an exceptional spot up shooter; he has text-book shooting form, great footwork and a very quick release. His length and size also gives him the ability to shoot over defenders. On the defensive side, his size and length also makes it hard for opponents to shoot around him.

Crabbe does an excellent job coming off of screens to get open for a shot. According to Synergy Sports Technology, he was able to make 53.8% of his open catch-and-release shots. He also has great shooting range that can easily be translated to the NBA 3-point line (3 feet further than NCAA 3-point line) .

However, Crabbe does have weaknesses on the court. He is an amazing spot-up shooting, but as soon as he puts the ball on the floor, it is difficult for Crabbe to create sufficient space to get open. This is due to his mediocre ball handing skills.

His finishing ability around the rim has also been an issue in his overall game. Crabbe is not as athletic and as explosive as shooting guards in the NBA; this results in his inability to finish around the rim or make a shot after contact. Crabbe is a great shooting guard, but in order for him to take his game to the next level, he must be willing to attack the rim and be strong around the paint.

With his weaknesses stated, one trait that will overshadow his limitations will be his constant improvement over the years. Every year at Cal, Crabbe has continually improved his overall game. This shows that Crabbe can still get better and better.

Crabbe is the 7th best shooting guard in the 2013 NBA Draft and is projected to be drafted in the late first round or early second round.

There are two teams that could use Allen Crabbe’s size, length and shooting abilities.

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