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Giants Fans Wait Hours to Get Into AT&T Park Because of Extra Security

The chaos in Boston may be wrapping itself up, but San Francisco Giants officials aren’t taking any chances.

Following the events at the Boston Marathon earlier this week, the Giants announced they would be beefing up security for this weekend’s series against the San Diego Padres, starting tonight.

Well, according to numerous fans who have complained on Twitter, the lines to enter the stadium are ridiculously long.

He is correct, the ballpark looks more like the attendance at an A’s game, and we’re in the second inning right now.

Here is a picture from Monte Francis, a reporter for NBCBay Area:

Francis reports that the security officials are no longer using metal-detecting wands, which they were originally planning to do.

And here is one more picture from an angry Twitter user, who blames the Boston bomber for “causing extra security and making me miss first pitch”:

Courtesy: @ShadyWestCoast (Twitter)

Obviously, officials did not expect this much commotion and backup as a result of the added security. We’ll see if changes are made for the games coming up this weekend, but for tonight, there are plenty of angry Giants fans out there.



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