Robinson in 1952. Photo: AP

Jackie Robinson Could Have Very Well Played for the Giants

What were the odds that a Dodger legend would switch alliances and suit up for the Giants?

Jackie Robinson nearly did that, according to John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle. 

A 37-year old Robinson was traded from the Brooklyn Dodgers to the New York Giants in 1957, a year before the teams moved West.

However, Robinson had no intentions of ever playing again because, according to Shea, “he had accepted a vice president job with a New York restaurant chain and sold an exclusive first-person story of his retirement plans to Look magazine.”

Robinson wrote a letter to Giants owner Horace Stoneham claiming that his retirement had nothing to do with refusing to play for the cross-state rivals. Stoneham even offered him an extra $60,000 — a fairly large sum at the time — to play with the Giants, but after some deep thinking, Robinson still turned it down.

Could you imagine Robinson suiting up for the Giants? That would be like Matt Kemp coming to San Francisco, or Buster Posey playing for the Dodgers (God forbid).


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