2013 NFL Draft: 3 Teams That Should Select Keenan Allen

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Keenan Allen is considered to be one of the top receivers in this year’s 2013 NFL Draft. Allen has a physique and skill-set that many NFL teams need and want. However, there are also some concerns with his health, which may lower his draft stock.

There are many reasons why many NFL teams are looking to draft Allen. The first is his physical nature on the field. He is very physical before and after the catch, and  he’s not afraid to use his 6’3, 206 pound stature to run through defenders to gain more yards. He possesses the height, frame and hands that makes him a perfect target for quarterbacks.

Feb 22, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; California wide receiver Keenan Allen speaks to the media during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Allen balances his tough nature by being agile, fluid and quick.; he also has great body control when going for a catch.  In 2011, he was able to get 98 receptions and 1,343 yards that year (top 10 nationally), despite having inconsistent quarterbacks at the helm. If the ball is thrown near his vicinity, he has the ability to position his body to make amazing plays. From there, Allen uses his quickness to evade tacklers and run for more yards.

Allen completes his skill-set by having great vision on the field and precise, clean and effective routes. He’s a very smart football player and knows what to do in every situation, whether it be behind the backfield or down the field. Though he is not the fastest wide receiver, Allen runs effective routes that creates plenty of space to make a play.

There are some drawbacks to drafting Allen, though. For one, he is not completely ready right now. He did not play his last three games due to a sprained posterior cruciate ligament; however, his knee is 100 percent healthy; it’s just the surrounding muscles that have to be strengthened.

Secondly, his speed is not the fastest in the draft (4.7s in his 40), but Allen was never the fastest receiver to begin with. He does other things exceptionally well (run clean routes) that make him as effective as a 4.45s wide receiver.

Allen is projected to be drafted somewhere in the late first round, early second round. There are three NFL teams that could definitely use Allen in their team.

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