MLB: Ranking the 10 Best GM's in Baseball

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Here are my picks for the top ten general managers in baseball today:

10) Neal Huntington – Pittsburgh Pirates

April 1, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen (center) receives his 2012 silver slugger award from Pittsburgh Pirates general manager Neil Huntington (left) and his 2012 Rawlings gold glove from Jerry Williams (right) before the game against the Chicago Cubs at PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Huntington is doing a lot of teambuilding for the Pirates. When he took over in 2008, the Pirates finished sixth out of six in the National League Central. After two seasons, the team ranked fourth for two years in a row.

Huntington keeps a positive attitude. He predicts his team will do even better this season, especially in terms of pitching when Jeff Karstens, Charlie Morton and Francisco Liriano recover from injuries.

The last two years, the Pirates have had strong records up until All-Star break. The only thing separating the Pirates from a great season is consistency throughout the whole year. There’s a good chance that could happen this year. So, in essence, Neal Huntington has turned the Pirates into a team that has a very good chance of making the playoffs in the foreseeable future.

9) Kevin Towers – Arizona Diamondbacks

When the Diamondbacks signed Towers in September of 2010, they wer coming off of back to back seasons in last place in their division(including 2010). The very next year, Arizona went on to finish first in the National League West. The finished third in 2012 and are off to a strong start this year. What I like about Towers is his belief in pitching. He believes the key to a successful team is a successful bullpen. He has set up a solid rotation including Ian Kennedy, Trevor Cahill, Brandon McCarthy, Wade Miley, and Patrick Corbin. They should once again have a solid season this year.

8) Jon Daniels – Texas Rangers

Daniels was the youngest GM in history when he took over for the Rangers in 2005. In the past three years, the Ranger have made the post-season every year, two of which ended with World Series appearances. Daniels is known for his aggressive trading style. He famously traded Mark Teixeira to the Braves in 2005, and, more recently, he picked up Adrian Beltre going into the 2011 season. Beltre has had two great seasons for the Rangers since he was signed.

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  • $5822868

    Hope Huntington was a facetious entry. Until the Bucs get serious about adding a bat to compliment McCutchen they have no chance of relavency

    • Baily Deeter

      He could have been left off, but he’s helped the Pirates build up and get better. They aren’t at the cellar and could contend this year, and they almost did in both 2011 and 2012. I think he deserves it.

  • Baltar

    Nobody’s ever going to agree on a list of the top GM’s, but Friedman is the best (5 straight 90 season wins on a minimum wage budget) and Sabean does not belong on the list. The Giants success has been mostly luck. In 2010, they only made the playoffs on the last day of the season, but were boosted in the offseason by HR’s from mediocre players Renteria and Ross. Tell me genius Sabean planned it that way. In 2012 they would have lost to the Reds if Cueto had not been injured or if Bumbling Baker had not wasted Latos by having him pitch part of that game instead of starting the next day. Yup, Sabean genius again.

    • goldenbaysports

      This comment really boils my blood, and not just because this is a Bay Area sport site. You can’t win a World Series based on pure luck, let alone two in three years.

      Who cares if they made the playoffs on the last day of the season in 2010? And who was it that signed Renteria and claimed Ross off waivers? Sabean. Sure, nobody expected for them to become playoff heroes, but if Sabean never brought them in, they would have never had the chance.

      And in 2012, you’re saying the Giants succeeded because of injuries and Dusty Baker’s mistake? That’s what good teams need to do, especially in the postseason: take advantage of opportunities and get wins. What complaint do you have for them coming back against St. Louis in a 3-1 series deficit or sweeping the World Series in four games? Probably something about Verlander not being on his game or Sandoval getting “lucky.” Oh, and while you’re at it, why don’t you claim that because Melky Cabrera cheated, the whole Giants season should never have counted?

      I would defend any team, even the Dodgers, that wins two World Series in three years and say that “luck” had little to do with it.

      Before I end my rant, let me ask you: are you a GM? If so, for which team, and how many championships have you won?

      That’s right. So before you criticize professional general managers who are having success, look at yourself and stop pretending to be an “expert.”

      • Baltar

        Glad I boiled your blood. Nothing else in your reply is worth replying to.

        • goldenbaysports

          No really, please explain to me how “luck” had anything to do with not one, but two World Series championships.

        • goldenbaysports

          And what do you mean by “Nothing else in your reply is worth replying to”? Are you trying to say that I’m correct and there’s no need to rebut it, or are you so ignorant that you only see things your way and can’t even engage in a discussion?