Dec 16, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer (3) gestures against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Carson Palmer Has a Lot Left for Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have a new quarterback. He owns the best resume since Kurt Warner. At 33 years of age, Carson Palmer still has a lot left in the tank.

“I’ve got a lot of tread left on my tires,” the former Oakland Raiders signal-caller said at a news conference yesterday, per”I’ve only got a couple of shots left. I’ve been in this league for a long time. It’s nothing personal , it’s not statistical, it’s about trying to win a championship.”

That’s what counts – a chance to win a championship. With a new head coach (Bruce Arians), a new general manager (Steve Keim), 11 free agents signed and the NFL Draft upcoming in a couple weeks, the Red Birds are on the fast track of wiping out the memory of a dismal 5-11 campaign in 2012.

“It’s not a rebuilding process,” Palmer said of the Red Birds. “It’s not ‘We think we’re going to be pretty good in a couple of years.’ They want to win now and at the point I’m at in my career, I want to win now, too. I don’t have years to build and get better, I’ve got to be ready to play in Week 1.”

There is no time like the present. NFL teams can be in the basement one season and in the penthouse the next. Why can’t the Cardinals be one of those squads? Palmer was pretty effective last season – he tossed 22 touchdown passes for the 4-12 Raiders.

“We are not in that [rebuilding] stage,” Arians explained. “This is too good of a football team for a youth movement. We’re in it to win and win now.”

That’s music to the ears of Cardinals fans.


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  • mccall316

    Palmer has a lot left in the tank, like about another 20 ints to throw this year. He said the right things but who the hell is he kidding? The cardinals are in a very good division (a division that was laughed at by many just a few years ago) and will be lucky to to get 6 wins.

    • Bill Doerr

      Your a freaking moron seriously. A lot of top QBs have bad years throwing picks. Yea Palmer through 20 pick’s in 2010, if you actually watched the game a lot of those were on the receiver’s. Eli Manning through 20 picks in 07 and 25 in 2010, he through 16 picks in his super bowl winning 9-7 season year. He throwing more picks than Palmer almost every single season he has played. Carson Palmer doesn’t have super bowl rings like Eli Manning but he has never been on as good of teams Eli has been on , and Carson Palmer has better Career stat’s than Eli Manning, in a lot passing attempts He has a higher completion percentage ,Well higher, less INTs , more Yards per throw, and a Higher TD rate for the amount of passes he has thrown. In fact he throw more picks last year as well, 15, and only 3 more TDs with MUCH better receiver’s. He has never

      Eli Manning:

      2612 comp 4457 att 58% Comp 7.07 Y/A 211 TDs 144 INTs 72 FUM 82 passer rating
      Carson Palmer: 2568 comp 4110 att 62.5 comp % 7.17 Y/A 190 TDs 130INTs 37 FUM 86.2 Passer rating

      As you can clearly see Carson Palmer has better career stat’s than Eli Manning, Both have started in 9 career NFL season’s coming into their 10th year. Eli Manning is more prone to being picked off than Palmer is , Yet Manning has had better Receiver’s over the course of his career by far.

      Carson Palmer is a very good QB, A top 15 NFL QB in fact. Now that he is in Arizona with last year’s coach of the year award winner Bruce Arians in a Vertical Passing game, where BA Floods the field with receiver’s so no defenders can double team any 1 WR, With the best WRs in the NFC West with 2012 1st round pick M. Floyd who now that he has a good QB will have a big year, he had 2 TDs and 166 receptions with back-up quality QB Brian Hoyer in the finale against top defense SF, he should have a big year. Top NFL Receiver Larry Fitzgerald a Elite Receiver’s who turn’s INTs into Receptions or TDs, will be back to form and could have a career high year. Andre Roberts is a Very Explosive slot receiver, As is 4.2 40 running Texas A&M record holding Ryan Swope , who will get Snaps. T.E Jeff King hasn’t droped a pass in 3 year’s , and Housler the Cardinals Young very talented T.E has Excellent hands and has never had a real QB he will have a big year as well with a real QB. With the 5th and 7th best running backs in the draft the Cardinals Drafted Stanfords all time leading rusher , who Holds PAC 12 & Every Rushing Record at Stanford, and Andre Ellington , who hold’s record at Clemson drafted for ins now that they signed multiple 1000+ yard season n super bowl winning back Rashard Mendenhall, and the Cardinals have 2011 2nd round pick Ryan Williams coming back from a season ending injury where he was already playing with a hurt knee, both are 100% healthy and will have good year’s.
      Watch what Carson Palmer does with the most talented offense around him he has ever had. The best WRs he has ever had with Larry Fitzgerald and Mike Floyd. With their top rated NFL Defense the cardinals have a winning formula, and Palmer will throw over 4k yards for like the 5th time in his career and well over 25+ TDs.

      • mccall316

        Comparing Eli to Palmer…and Im the moron. Good riddance Carson Palmer!

        • Bill Doerr

          Ya you Obviously are when the stat’s clearly prove your statement is Bullcrap. Number’s don’t lie !!!
          This is why people need to invest in condom’s. When two retard’s mate your the result.

          • mccall316

            Here’s the thing jackass, you compared the stats of Eli Manning (2 Superbowls) to Carson Palmer who hasn’t won jack shit in his career. Stats don’t tell the whole story. When did Eli ever quit on his team? Never! Palmer quit in Cincy when he thought the team was a bunch of losers only to see another Ginger, Andy Dalton, a rookie no less, come in and take the team to the playoffs in a much harder division than the AFC West. And this past offseason he quit on the Raiders.

            So yeah obviously you showed the stats proving your point that Eli and Palmer are on the same stats sheet but again why would you ever want a QB who quit twice over a 2 time Super Bowl champ? Great quarterbacks find new heights and when you get right down to it, Palmer doesn’t have that next level. He throws interceptions in crucial spots of games. He’s a mediocre quarterback and always will be. Stats help your point, 2 rings back up mine.