October 14, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer (3) is sacked by Atlanta Falcons defensive end John Abraham (55) in the first quarter at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Carson Palmer: A Career of Disappointment

Al Davis would spit in Carson Palmer’s face if he had the chance.

The late Raiders’ owner preached humility and loyalty to Oakland’s personnel for 40 years.  But Palmer never got the memo, and on April 2nd he was traded to the Cardinals after rejecting a pay cut (from $13 million to $10 million in 2013).  The quarterback joins a list of disgraced names (JaMarcus Russell, Randy Moss, etc.) who gave up on the Silver and Black when times were down.

Quitting is nothing new to Palmer (or Sarah Palin/Bobby Petrino for that matter).  The 2003 first overall draft pick walked away from the Bengals organization, retiring in 2011 to protest owner Mike Brown’s frugalness and strategy (re-signing coach Marvin Lewis was the last straw).

In March, Palmer refused to restructure his contract for a third time with the cap-strapped Raiders, possibly due to the team’s bleak short-term prospects, according to reports.

The signal caller’s sympathizers argue he sacrificed enough financially for the team, but they forget his claims in retirement that money wasn’t a factor in suiting up again.  (The Raiders may have weighed this notion when they surrendered a first and second round choice for his services).

Same old, same old in Carson Palmer land.  The conveyor belt churning excuses never stops.

Palmer still throws one of the sexiest spirals in the NFL, but he can’t score points for being pretty.

The former Heisman Trophy winner has accumulated the numbers to be a top-flight NFL quarterback, including 29,465 passing yards, 196 total touchdowns (versus 130 interceptions), and a 62.5% completion percentage.  But he lacks in one category: his 54-69 record as a starter.

Palmer is 0-2 in the playoffs.

Palmer’s failure to consistently win is commonly blamed on his injuries and teammates.  He’s suffered serious knee and elbow issues, and his locker rooms have contained several toxic personalities (see: 2006 Bengals roster).

Nonetheless, Palmer (physically) fully recovered from his ailments, which can’t explain his deterioration in throwing efficiency.  It’s apparent more than ever the veteran failed as a leader to put a stop to all the Bengals’ tomfoolery.

His selfish offseason actions suggest if anything, Palmer yearns to win, but successful mentors have been sparse in his development, his best teacher being Jon Kitna.  Now the 33-year-old seeks a shortcut, because perhaps he doesn’t know a better way.

Arizona seeks to unleash Palmer’s vast potential (see a trend here?) by pairing him with offensive-minded coach Bruce Arians and lethal weapons Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Roberts.  Ignoring Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens, Denarius Moore and Darrius Heyward-Bey, what could possibly go wrong?

More than what 10 fingers and 10 toes can reveal.  Unless third time is the answer, this will be the continued storyline of Palmer’s mega hyped NFL career.

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  • http://twitter.com/RickyBo60099188 Ricky Bobby

    Of course I’m not surprised.

    • http://theruination.net/ Rui Thomas

      Carson was put in a bad situation, and now he will play in a new bad situation.

      • Bill Doerr

        Really? The Cardinal’s did Oakland , they got a QB with better career stats than Eli Manning for the price of a Hamburger, A pick they got back taking a 6th round pick from the chargers so they could get Manti and the Card’s picked 45th getting kevin minter.

        The Cardinals drafted 2 OGs in the draft , their interior line was their weak spot last season, in the 1st n 4th round’s with their extra 4th round pick. They drafted the best LG to come out of the draft in the last 2+ decades. They were without 4 of their 5 starters on the OL last season. Still in weeks 9-17 they only gave up 19 sacks, ranking 13th in the NFL. Right Tackle Bobby Massie gave up ZERO, ZERO SACKS after week 9. That is why he was just rated as a top 3 OT in the NFL by Pro football focus.Rookies always 99.9% of time look even better in year 2. They have LT Brown back this season, who finally completely transitioned to LT fully from RT in 2011, Looking stellar and elite in the second half of that year, he was rated by pro football focus as the 11th best LT in the NFL at the end of that year. He looked solid before his injury in the 2012 pre-season. Having a projected multiple level Pro-Bowl talent like cooper next to him at LG mean’s he wont be getting beat inside anymore.Him and Cooper will be BEAST’S IN RUN BLOCKING. They are getting Seinlein back at C who is average. They drafted E. Watford who gave up a single sack in college to play RG, if he isn’t ready for the season than Darren Coolege will play RG who is a average OG in the NFL , having a top NFL T next to him in Massie will help him out. The Biggest thing that will help the OL tremendously is the QB. Carson Palmer rated a top 10 QB in NFL QBs that get ball out quickly, he rated under the league average 3.37 second’s, brady was 3.17 seconds. Palmer has good pocket presence, reads D good and gets the ball out quickly. Just having a good QB helps a OL. The Arizona Cardinals Will have a good OL this year.

        Pair that with the fact the Cardinals have a top 15 NFL Quarterback with excellent career stats, The Fact Palmer will have the most talented WRs he has Ever had, the best group in the NFC west with guys like 2012 first round pick Mike Floyd who with crappy QB Brian Hoyer put up 166 rec yards and 2 TDs against top SF defense in the season finale. Now that He has a good QB will put up huge numbers this year. Fitzgerald is a top 5 NFL QB and could very well put up better numbers than n e receiver n in the NFL this year. The Cards have explosive slot receiver andre Roberts who is a very explosive receiver, they drafted Ryan Swope who holds records in receptions and receptions yards as well as TDs at Texas A&M, and ran the same 40 as Tavon Austin at the combine of 4.34. At 6ft 205 pounds he is not a midget though. He will get Snaps in slot as well. T.E Jeff king has not droped a pass in 3 years and young T.E Rob Housler has Excellent hands, very good, and should have a great year with Carson throwing to him. The Cardinals have very good RBs on the team as well , drafting two of the best QBs in the draft, one is Stanford’s all time leading rusher holding every record possible. Also Bruce Arians offense fits a QB like Carson Palmer to a T. Backup QB Drew Stanton brought in this year as well from indy Knows Arian’s system very well as well.

        With Carson Palmer going to one of the NFLs best defense’s that got a lot better in FA and the Draft in the off season, going to a very very good Offense under one of the leagues best coaches in Bruce Arian’s with the one of the best group of WRs the NFL has to offer, to a offensive scheme that was built for a QB like Palmer, that will have a good Running game and OL this year, A bad situation for Palmer. You and Your Poorly written article just seem bitter Palmer left, he already took one Pay cut , why would he want to take another ??? When he could go to a team that lost 5 games last year by less than 7 points LITTERALY because the team lacked a QB. Otherwise they would of been 10 win squad last year. That team upgraded the Running game, OL, A already strong WR group, and their Defense. The Cardinals are ready to contend, why would he take a pay cut to stay on losing team this year, a team that only
        4 games because of Palmer. I would not of taken a pay cut either. Now they have no QB, No RB, NO WRS, and outside of Woodson and their new rookie CB I hope they don’t destroy have a crappy defense as well. Oakland will be LUCKY TO WIN 4 GAMES AGAIN. Im betting they win no more than 3, and predict 0-16 for the raiders.

  • Pridenpoise

    Arizona is laughing at Oakland. They stole Palmer, watch him succeed in Arizona with a few weapons, and a good head coach, raider fans hate to say I told u so, but P almer was not the problem in Oakland last year

    • http://theruination.net/ Rui Thomas

      He wasn’t, and AZ fleeced Oakland. But Palmer will continue to underachieve as long as he plays behind a bad line like the Cardinals’.

      • Pridenpoise

        Well u don’t think they will address that in the draft, I do. There line won’t be great, but it will be improved from last year and so will The cardinals, and if you can’t see that your blind.