Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (6) carries the ball against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers defeated the Raiders 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

Report: Raiders "Skeptical" About Terrelle Pryor, Have "Legitimate Interest" in Matt Flynn

Yahoo! Sports reporter Michael Silver dropped quite a bombshell Thursday morning when he cited sources that said Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer may prefer a backup role on a contending team than take a paycut and start for the Raiders.

In the same article, he also noted that there is “much organizational skepticism” in Terrelle Pryor, the other quarterback on the Raiders roster who many have called on to replace Palmer should the veteran be released.

In his only career start, Pryor threw for 150 yards, completing 13/28 passing attempts for two touchdowns. He also ran for 49 yards and a touchdown in a 24-21 loss to San Diego last season.

However, it looks like if Palmer is cut, the Raiders will pursue other options, such as trading for Seahawks backup quarterback Matt Flynn.

Silver reports that the Raiders have “legitimate interest” in trading for Flynn, who is being shopped around by Seattle and would take as little as a fourth round pick to acquire. The Jaguars and Bills are also interested in Flynn, but Jacksonville is unlikely to pursue a trade.

Flynn, who backed up Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay for four seasons, signed a lucrative three-year, $19.5 million deal with the Seattle last offseason, only to be benched in favor of Russell Wilson. Wilson completely took over the reigns, leading the Seahawks to the playoffs and leaving Flynn in the dust.

Now, it seems as if the Seahawks are looking to deal Flynn to give him the opportunity to have more playing time elsewhere, similar to how the 49ers traded away Alex Smith.

Could you imagine a year ago if I told you that Matt Flynn may become the next quarterback of the Silver and Black?

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  • Pridenpoise

    The Raiders would be making a mistake trading a pick that we need for an unproven, and overpriced Flynn. If there going to get rid of Palmer let Pryor start, and find a QB that we can bring in to back him up, or compete with him that we will not be tied to long term. If Pryor does not work out, the 2014 draft will have plenty of QBS.

    • Daniel A Martinez

      How would giving up a 4th round pick for Flynn make him overpriced? The man is ready to start. He is an NCAA champion. Teams are impressed with him. Sign him for one year, let him and Pryor compete for the starting position, and see how we do next year. Pryor can’t just be given the starting position. He needs to earn it. In his only start, he completed less than half of his passes. In Flynn’s two starts, he has been a beast. Do the math.

      • Pridenpoise

        Do the math,you want to trade away picks based on two starts well aren’t you a genius. And your going to tell me he is an NCAA champion so is Tebow do u want to sign him to Genius. I’d be more than welcome to bring in someone else. As long as we are not overpaying and trading away our future draft picks for them. Anybody that thinks that this year is going to be anything but abysmal is delusional. So I say we sign a journeyman QB ride out the year with Pryor and see what we have if its not good, 2014 draft we will be in a lot better shape. How’s that math work for you

        • BigJazzy

          I Agree totally with you but we have Coach that is doing all that he can do to prove that TP is a fluke and not worthy to start even tho he looked great against The Chargers and only took half the reps in practice that prior wk with the 1st team

  • TracyJon Stapleman

    Give Flynn a one year deal with a chance to prove himself

  • Derrick Thompson

    Best scenario would be to trade for Flynn and cut Palmer if Seattle will indeed take a 4th rounder, then use the 3rd overall to trade back and aquire a couple more picks. We would get what a lot of scouts say is a good QB in Flynn who is ready to start in the NFL right now and still retain enough picks to fill some more big holes. Our cap space is looking a lot better so we should still be able to bring in some decent free agents as well. If Reggie can pull this off, we may have a somewhat competative team after all while still proceeding with the rebuilding proccess and the youth movement. Wishfull thinking? probably.

  • BigJazzy

    It would be senseless to lose another draft and pick up another 5 million contract on a Unproven back up that’s not better then TERREL Pyror , we are already in a Deficite we just don’t have the money to pick up that contract , we are losing fans left and right because they are sick and tired of Sat in the pocket and get sack Qb like Palmer and Flynn they won’t some excitement with a mobile QB that can gives us a better shot at winning Like TERREL PYROR , if They end up losing Pyror next yr because they didnt wanna give him a far shot I’m gonna fly to Callie myself to put my foot up Mckenzi tail. We need use our draft picks to get us

    • WC

      Look dude, the way I see it is they took a good look at Barkley who I believe is going to be at least a good QB. Ok, with that said, Barkley’s strengths are going to be West Coast 3 step, 5 step passing attack that takes timing, rhythm, and anticipation. You dont have to have the rocket arm to pick defenses apart. You need football IQ, experience, and the God given intangibles which Barkley definitely has. These just happen to ne Flynn’s strong suits as well. So, this article said they watched Barkley’s pro day and immediately started talks with the Hawks regarding flynn. Sounds to me like they’re bringing in the perfect veteran to either help teach Barkley for a couple of years or they’re putting together probably the best fitting #1 and #2 QBs possible so they can have them both on the same gameplans without having to change things up if someone gets hurt. I think Flynn’ll take the reigns at first and if he thrives, he’ll have his perfect backup scribbling some wisdom on a clipboard for a while. Looks like a good fit for now dude. You never know, he might be the real f’n deal. If not, I’m sure your boy’ll get his shot