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Super Bowl XLVII: Michael Crabtree Temporarily Lost Vision on Final Drive After Hit to Head

It was a play that could have defined the legacy of Michael Crabtree. In fact, it was three plays.

On the final drive of Super Bowl XLVII, with the 49ers trailing 34-29 and time running out, Crabtree was targeted three times in the end zone by Colin Kaepernick. All three times, he was unable to catch the pass, the final attempt thwarted because of a controversial no-call on a holding penalty by the Ravens.

Now, perhaps we have an explanation as to what Crabtree was dealing with at the time.

On Thursday, he told the Rich Eisen Podcast that he temporarily lost vision on the final drive after a hit to the head. More details are sure to come as to when and how that hit occurred, and whether it had any impact on the outcome of the Super Bowl.



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  • loverpoint

    Crabtree should have never been put in that situation. Will someone finally point the finger at the person who lost the Super Bowl for the 49ers, his name is Greg Roman. It could be said that those 4 plays ( first and goal from the Baltimore 7 yard line) cost Roman a job as a Head Coach in the NFL. Before the Super Bowl there were many teams looking at him as a possible replacement for their teams new head coaching job. If Roman does not become more dynamic in his offensive play calling I want him out of SF, who knows maybe we will have to fire him midway through the season like John Harbaugh did to his offensive coordinator, and it ended up helping them win the Super Bowl. I am tired of Roman’s weak first half play calling.

    Even Michael Crabtree had this to say when he was asked if he would have liked to have caught the game winning TD, he said: ” I wish we would have put the game away by the 3rd quarter so we wouldn’t need to depend on a dramatic last minute catch”. With his offensive weapons there is no excuse for Roman to not score more points, except the fact that he freezes up in the Red Zone.