Jimmy Kimmel Introduces "Dezzing" After Desmond Bryant's Mug Shot

It’s not Tebowing, or Kaepernicking…it’s “Dezzing.”

As you may have heard by now, Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested last week for criminal mischief in Miami

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, he showed up to a neighbor’s house intoxicated and caused a commotion.

His arrest led to this mug shot that is undoubtedly the greatest mug shot of all-time:

Courtesy: Miami Dade Corrections Facility

So earlier this week, late night host Jimmy Kimmel started the phenomenon known as “Dezzing,” challenging his viewers to send him pictures of their imitations of Bryant’s mug shot.

“He looks like an anaconda in the middle of digesting a rabbit,” joked Kimmel. “You’re supposed to say ‘cheese,’ not ‘Yarlsburg’, you know? If I were Desmond Bryant I would intentionally get arrested again just so I could redo the mug shot.”

So far, there have been plenty of people sending in their version of “Dezzing,” which you can see right here. 

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