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Warriors: How Klay Thompson Can Improve

So far this season, Klay Thompson has put up some impressive numbers at 16.3 PPG, and some not so impressive numbers, like his three point percentage. Still, other defenders in the league recognize him as a stone cold shooter.

Last night against Indiana, he only had 13 points. The Warriors needed all they could get, but still came up empty handed on the second game. Tonight is another chance for Thompson to shine as a star, in New York.

What many have noticed about Klay Thompson is that he usually scores about 12 points in the first quarter, but cools off after that. If he distributes his energy, he will be able to scored about five points per quarter, which is 20 per game. Although he has a bad shot selection, he can really get hot. If he limits his energy, defenders will stop paying attention: this is when he can spring free and do some damage.

Most of the time, Thompson is really quiet during the third quarter, and he never really has a consistent game throughout. Stephen Curry, his partner in crime, will scored in each quarter, but Thompson won’t. This is why Curry is a better scorer and has more confidence.

Thompson has the potential to be like this, but still struggles with shot selection. If he improves this, he will be a huge threat and a better scorer. Instead of taking the highly contested three point shot, why not pump fake, and take it to the basket, drawing a foul. This isn’t Thompson’s game, but some good shooters thrive at the free throw line.

His inconsistency could end up being a huge problem for the Warriors in the playoffs, as they rely on him to provide some backcourt scoring along with Stephen Curry. According to many, except Charles Barkely, the Warriors have the most functional backcourt in the NBA. Of course this is arguable, but it is a valid case to make.

It’s hard to score a lot of points alongside scorers like David Lee and Stephen Curry, but Klay Thompson has managed with 16.3 PPG. This number, however, could be so much higher if he took the right shots and conserved his energy, instead of using it all in the first quarter. He begins to go cold after that.

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