Sep 22, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle San Jose Earthquakes midfielder Rafael Baca (30) and forward Simon Dawkins (10) celebrate after Dawkings scored a goal against the Seattle Sounders FC during the 1st half at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Quakes Partnership With Hotspur is Extremely Beneficial

So it’s pretty obvious whether you’re a Quakes fan or not, the partnership with Tottenham Hotspur looks pretty poor right now. Simon Dawkins had a fantastic season and he’s been loaned out to Aston Villa, despite Aston Villa not realistically needing a midfielder in the first place. Cudicini featured in Tottenham’s champions league side that beat Inter Milan, and yet he was sold to LA Galaxy, one of Quakes competitors. So, can the partnership have advantages?

If you ever look at how Tottenham’s youth team are doing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Tottenham currently have a stunning youth team, even beating Barcelona’s youth 3-0 – so how does this affect the Quakes?

First choice on anyone they bring up but don’t need. Let’s assume a player such as Tom Carroll (a centre midfielder who acts a brilliant play-maker) is looking to leave for first team football – the partnership gives them an advantage over other sides looking to acquire him. Even if they can’t buy them, they can get a loan for a quick-fix.

A second point to look at is monetary gains. Tottenham currently have a 36,230 seater stadium, and are looking to get an even bigger stadium. This allows the Quakes to make a healthy bit of cash when they play there (which is common for partnered teams), and a bit of publicity. Although they won’t see major benefits immediately, every little helps. And I don’t think anyone would mind a little more cash to spend on players each season. Even if it isn’t a significant amount, they’re still getting new fans and new sponsors thanks to the partnership.

As with any partnership, there are going to be disadvantages; but considering it’s roughly 4 years into the partnership, we shouldn’t be expecting stunning results right now. They have two options as it stands – Keep complaining that they aren’t a club owned by billionaires that struggle to fail at winning everything, or learn to realise that it’ll take a couple more years to see any major effects.

In Conclusion: Dawkins was a minor setback; Cudicini isn’t going to turn Galaxy into the greatest soccer team of all time; and they can always use Tottenham’s support.


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