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Warriors Arena Plans in San Francisco Delayed

The Warriors’ plans to build a $1 billion area on Piers 30-32 has been delayed, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The primary issue with “Design 2.0,” as one member of the arena team put it, is the plan to have a backup cruise ship berth on the eastern side of Piers 30-32, one of the few remaining deep water sites along the city’s waterfront.

The report states that the current plan would not allow for a cruise ship to dock.

The design team will look into other options, such as moving the arena to a different location in the pier, but that would affect the view of the San Francisco skyline.

“There always has been, and there continues to be, heightened sensitivity to the beauty of the building itself and the beauty of the location,” said spokesman PJ Johnston, “Views from the land as well as from the water are key elements of that. We still think it can be done in a way that provides spectacular views and is an unobtrusive as possible.”

The Warriors announced plans to move to San Francisco by the 2017 season last summer.

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