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Warriors Continue Road Trip vs. Slumping Grizzlies: Game Preivew

The Grizzlies? The Warriors have already lost to them twice, oh no!

This time is different. With the Grizzlies giving up star forward Rudy Gay, they now have an apparent whole in the scoring rotation. Some may argue that Tayshaun Prince and Ed Davis, two good scorers, have both been working well, but it has still left the Grizzlies with a lack of scoring.

Nevertheless, the Warriors have to deal with Zach Randolph, who is having an MVP-type season.

Keys to the Game:

1. Control the Glass: This is always a key. When the Warriors are able to force misses, that means they have played 24 seconds of successful defense. When they allow the other teams to get an offensive rebound, they have to continue to play defense. Second chance points have killed the Warriors. With Bogut back in the rotation tonight, the Dubs should have no problem.

2. Stop Zach Randolph: Randolph’s variety of scoring is pretty good. He’ll give you whatever he can, and make a decisive move to the basket, or pull up for a sweet jumpshot. Well all know that that is unstoppable.

Game Predictions:

Matchup to Watch: Klay Thompson vs Tony Allen

Players to Watch: Ed Davis, Mike Conley, Jr.

Leading Scorer: Zach Randolph, 24

Winner: Warriors by 3

Probable Lineups:

1. Stephen Curry vs Mike Conley

2. Klay Thompson vs Tony Allen

3. Harrison Barnes vs Tayshaun Prince

4. David Lee vs Zach Randolph

5. Andrew Bogut vs Marc Gasol

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