Bryan Stow is out of the hospital. (Photo: John Stow, via AP)

"Huge Step Backwards" For Beaten Giants Fan Brian Stow

Sad news to report on Brian Stow, the Giants fan who was brutally assaulted by Dodgers fans outside Dodger Stadium after a game in 2011.

The Stow family released a statement saying that Stow is still suffering from blood clots and can only stand for only seconds.

Here is the full statement:

Bryan is still in the hospital. The trouble is trying to find the right balance and levels between his blood thinner and anti-seizure medications. Due to this problem, new blood clots have formed. One of us is with him every day and it is really hard to see him back in the hospital especially for so long. This is a huge step backwards for him physically. Even with two people helping him, he can stand for only seconds. We are trying to keep his and our spirits up and are now hoping to have him back at his rehab facility apartment by his birthday next Tuesday. If not, then we celebrated at a hospital last year, so we will celebrate at another one this year.

Our best wishes for Brian and his family as they battle for a healthy and quick recovery.

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