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Mayor Kevin Johnson: "Sacramento Is Playing to Win"

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson issued a statement via his Twitter account on Wednesday night regarding the Kings.

As we’ve said from the start, Sacramento is playing to win. For 28 years, we’ve proven time and again to be a top NBA market. Our fans have set league records for consecutive sellouts. Our corporate community has stepped up in ways never seen before. We are a top 20 media market where the NBA enjoys 100% market share and no competition from pro football, baseball or soccer. We are the state capital of the eighth largest economy in the world, a place where more businesses work to promote a positive image than in any other city in the US outside of Washington, DC. And above all, we know that with an ownership partner committed both, to Sacramento and an arena plan already supported by the City and NBA, Sacramento is ready to show what a great one-team market can be, should be, and is.

This comes after the Seattle investment group that reached a deal to buy the Kings filed for relocation on Wednesday.


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