Dec 23, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer (3) looks to pass the ball during the first quarter against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders: Could Carson Palmer Be Cut?

Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer is on the hook for $13 million in 2013, and sources tell CBS Sports that the Raiders are not willing to pay him that much.

Thus, either Palmer will have to take a pay cut or be handed his pink slip.

The veteran quarterback was traded to the Raiders midway through the 2011 season after an injury to Jason Campbell. Since then Palmer has been the starter for the Silver and Black.

In 15 games last season, he threw for over 4,000 yards, 22 touchdowns and 14 interceptions with a quarterback rating of 85.3. Palmer was severely handicapped, as injuries hampered most of his offensive weapons downfield, his running back, and his offensive line.

Palmer will have to re-negotiate his salary in some way before the start of the season, and it’s hard to believe that he wouldn’t do so. He is still a solid quarterback in the NFL, and if given the right tools and system, he can lead a team to success.


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  • mccall316

    “given right tools and system, he can lead a team to success.” Um no he can’t lead. His numbers say he can, his performance says otherwise. Palmer is a guy who had a lot of potential coming in to the league and never lived up to it. You can say the Steeler playoff game where Palmer got hurt was his dimise, bring up the coaching staff in cincy or how injuries have played a part, he’s never going to lead a team to anything. Palmer should be paid about 3 million a year as a starter or backup to give some leadership to the younger guys. The Raiders are in a lose lose situation. They almost have to keep Palmer because he’s the only capable starter on the team. Pryor isn’t ready but close. He might be once the season rolls around but they still need to keep competition on the roster. I say cut him tho. The price tag is to steep and who knows, maybe get lucky and land Flynn from Seattle for a 5th round pick. I’d hate to give up a pick for a QB but they are low on options.

    • goldenbaysports

      Has he even been given a chance in Oakland? First season he gets traded here, then has to start mid-season and learn the playbook on the fly. You think that’s so easy?

      Then in 2012, he has to deal with a new HC, new OC, new system that never worked. His offensive line stank, his receivers stank, his running back was injured half the time.

      You said it, “He’s the only capable starter on the team.” So why not use him to the best of his abilities? They have a new OC that hopefully sets him up with the right system.

      • mccall316

        No it was not easy for him to come in halfway through the year last year. As you mention a new HC and OC this past season. Well guess what another new OC this year. Oh and Oakland doesn’t have cap space to fill all the holes since his o-line and receivers stunk and rb was injured. Those will be the same issues this year. However, I disagree that his receivers are bad, more like growing and the o-line was in the wrong scheme.
        The best ability Palmer has is throwing interceptions at the worst time. If you can get a better option at starting QB or Pryor develops, that would be fine with this Raider fan.

        • goldenbaysports

          You think Pryor can develop to be like Colin Kaepernick?

          • mccall316

            No I don’t think he can develop to that good. Pyor will take his lumps as a starter but it would be better than playing an average qb who is past his peak. We all know what Palmer is, decent starter good numbers, several ints and a few wins. Pryor at least has potential. Do we know what that potential is? No and I don’t want to speculate on how good he can be.

          • goldenbaysports

            Well said man. Pryor definitely has some potential, but we don’t know how much. Thanks for the comments!

  • Rui Thomas

    Hello Marques Tuiasosopo, Rick Mirer, Kerry Collins, Aaron Brooks, Andrew Walter, Daunte Culpepper, Josh McCown, JaMarcus Russell and Bruce Gradkowski. Welcome back to the dark ages. Outside of Tom Flores and Kenny Stabler, the Raiders have no history of developing average quarterbacks. The team invested in Carson Palmer so it’s time to maximize what he’s got left (bloated salary be damned). Even in this era, not every starting NFL quarterback can throw more TD’s than interceptions with a 60% completion rate.