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Jed York Gives Away Super Bowl Tickets to Longtime Fan

Longtime 49er fan Terry White, who has been to all five of the Niners’ Super Bowl appearances, will be at number six next Sunday.

The tickets came courtesy of Niners CEO Jed York, who gave away two free tickets via a Twitter contest.

The lucky recipient was White, who was shocked to say the least.

“I opened up my email and it said ‘Jed York’ and I went, ‘what?!” he told ABC7.

White, who has been a season-ticket holder for 45 years, says he now will have the ultimate bragging rights.

“I brag about that I’ve been to all five of them you know and everybody looks at me and says, ‘you what?’ White said. “Now, I won’t have to say I’ve just gone to five of six, so I’ll be, have been to six.”

Season ticket holders have to take part in a lottery in order purchase Super Bowl tickets, and White did not get the opportunity to do so.

Fortunately, York was classy enough to step up and reward White for all his years following the team.

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