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Tim Brown Backtracks on "Sabotage" Allegations

Ex-Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown is backtracking on the allegations he made yesterday against former head coach Bill Callahan, when he accused Callahan of losing Super Bowl XXXVII on purpose.

“I never called it sabotage,” Brown told The Dan Patrick Show. “I think in my statement last Saturday night I said that’s something that we can’t prove. But it’s something that was brought up.”

What can be misleading about that was Brown claimed it wasn’t sabotage, but immediately points out that it was “brought up.”

On Twitter, Brown wrote the following:

And they said Tim brown wasn’t controversial! Certainly didn’t mean to start this firestorm. As I have said form the start, was only defending a teammate!

That teammate would be center Barrett Robbins, who inexplicably left the team the weekend before the Super Bowl, possibly because he was disgusted with Callahan’s decision making.

In an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio yesterday, Brown claimed that his head coach “hated the Raiders” and lost the Super Bowl on purpose so that his friend Jon Gruden and the Buccaneers could win.

Callahan reportedly changed the team’s game plan a couple days before the game from a run-attack to passing game, and the Raiders went into the game “absolutely knowing that we have no shot.”’

Jerry Rice, the other wide receiver who started in the Super Bowl for the Raiders backed up Brown’s point.

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