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Warriors Defeat Clippers Behind Hot Shooting

The Clippers now have 10 losses on the season, and three of those are to the Warriors. The Dubs are the only team in the NBA that have beaten the Clippers twice, now three times.

The Clippers seemed like they were going to pull away down the stretch, but the clutch play of Stephen Curry pushed the Warriors to a 106-99 victory.

In the beginning of this game, the Warriors played excellent defense, but the Clippers started off the game very hot. The refs officiated to the best of their ability, but rewarded Griffin with fouls. The Warriors found themselves down 17-15 with 4 minutes left in the first. They had 4/5 threes in the quarter, and both teams shot the ball at 72%. An offensive barrage led to a 33-33 tie at the end of the first.

Richard Jefferson’s hard work off the bench earned him six easy points, and he was very efficient. I think it’s safe to say he’s going to see increased minutes. The defense for the Dubs was so good, that the Clippers were shut out for the first three minutes of the second quarter. The Warriors built to a 43-33 lead. Unfortunately, when Chris Paul re-entered the game, the Warriors saw their lead dissipate to one at the half. 53-52.

Early in the first half, Griffin and Paul had forced David Lee and Stephen Curry into four fouls apiece. This wasn’t good, of course. When Mark Jackson took Lee and Curry out of the game, the Clippers struck. Klay Thompson and Jarrett Jack, the lone scorers, couldn’t do anything about it. The Clippers finished the quarter on a 12-0 run, and they led 80-73

In the fourth quarter, it looked like it was going to be more of the same. From that point on, Stephen Curry was absolutely unconscious. He made 4/4 three pointers attempted in the 4th, and just when the Clippers scored, he would score again. Lead by Jack and Curry, the Warrior backcourt was almost unstoppable. The Warriors finished down the stretch on a 14-4 run, resulting in a 106-99 win.

The Warriors’ next game is against the Thunder on January 23rd. They move to 25-15 on the season.

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