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Mayor Kevin Johnson Releases Statement on Kings’ Sale

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson released statement echoing his thoughts on the Kings’ sale to a Seattle investment group led by Chris Hansen.

Here it is, via the Sacramento Bee:

Sacramento has proven that it is a strong NBA market with a fan base that year in and year out has demonstrated a commitment to the Kings by selling out 19 of 27 seasons in a top 20 market and owning two of the longest sellout streaks in NBA history. When it comes to keeping the team in our community, Sacramento is playing to win. In particular, we have been focused like a laser on identifying an ownership group that will both have the financial resources desired by the NBA and the vision to make the Kings the NBA equivalent of what the Green Bay Packers have been in the NFL.

Johnson is obviously not giving up the fight to keep the Kings in Sacramento. He has worked tirelessly to try and convince investors to buy and keep the team in the city.

A multitude of reports indicate that the Maloofs have sold 65 percent of the Kings to Hansen’s investment group for approximately $340 million. The sale will need to be approved by the NBA’s Board of Governors before it becomes finalized.

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  • Presten Tok

    “…the vision to make the Kings the NBA equivalent of what the Green Bay Packers have been in the NFL…”

    Hey KJ, are you on crack? First of all, the Green Bay Packers do something that the Kings have never done: win. That’s the first thing any sports franchise can do to be successful. If the owners of the loser Kings want to take their ball and depress another fan base, go on ahead. Second, the Kings, along with perhaps the LA Clippers and the Golden State Warriors, are probably the most invisible franchise in the NBA, winning or not. Seriously, most people with passing knowledge of the NBA don’t even know they exist.
    And third KJ, you suck as Mayor. Seriously, my two-year-old son could do a better job than you. You were too much of a candy ass to get the parking lease or the new arena deals done, just like you were a candy ass when you played against Michael Jordan and the Bulls.