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Curry-Less Warriors Crushed By Heat, 92-75

Courtesy: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Warriors, Heat! It’ll be a good game! The Heat are looking to get some much needed revenge against these guys. That wasn’t the case on this night. The Heat, as slow as they have been, have of course broken their slump against none other than the Warriors, who have woes of their own.

Tonight, LeBron James scored his 20,000th point, while his Heat dismantled the Warriors much like the Clippers did. The Warriors fell to Miami, 92-75.

In the first quarter of this game, the Warriors problems were only starting. LeBron had achieved his 20,000th point and the Heat were just fired up. Dunks, lobs, and everything. Seven Warrior turnovers fueled a 14-0 Heat run, which put them up 23-12. The Warriors, however were able to make up some of the difference, resulting in a 28-21 first quarter lead.

In the second quarter, the Warriors’ problems only grew. As they usually run the offense through Stephen Curry, the Heat were attacking Jarrett Jack, the only real ball-handler for the Warriors. Klay Thompson, actually proved to feed off of Curry, which is why he had two points tonight. Jarrett Jack had 16 but the Warriors were still struggling. The Heat jumped to a 14 point, 52-38 halftime lead.

The third quarter was almost unbearable. The Warriors were supposed to come out strong, but the Heat started on a 9-0 run to add to the Dubs’ problems. At this point, the fans were completely out of it, and had nothing to cheer about. The Warriors trailed the Heat by 30 at the end of the third quarter.

In the fourth, the Warriors actually made the score respectable, but the Heat had already claimed their vicious revenge. The lack of Stephen Curry had really showed, as the Warriors run their offense through him. This brings up questions. When will Curry be back? Will he play against the Spurs? How long will the Warriors keep losing?

The Warriors now fall to 23-14 on the season, and 2-4 in this 12 game stretch. 11/12 of these teams are playoff teams. The Warriors are having some trouble this New Year.

The only positives about tonight, in the NBA, are that the Nuggets, Trail Blazers, and Rockets all lost. This loss doesn’t affect the Warriors in the standings. The game against San Antonio on Friday carries as much weight as this Heat game did. The Warriors are desperate for wins now, but still are holding that fifth seed strongly.

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