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Potential Kings' Buyer Says He Would Keep the Team in Sacramento

Earlier today, a report surfaced that there was a handshake deal between the Maloof brothers and Chris Hansen’s investment group to sell the Sacramento Kings to Hansen and relocate them to Seattle.

That report has not been confirmed by any sources and both sides are declining to comment.

Instead, another buyer has stepped up and says if he were to purchase the team, he would keep them in Sacramento.

Mark Mastrov, the founder of 24-Hour Fitness, is interested in buying the Kings and keeping them in town, according to CBS Sports.

He has spoken to the Maloofs, and sources tell CBS Sports that he has made a formal offer to purchase the team.

“Definitely, there’ve been conversations,” Mastrov said. “Definitely there’s interest in acquiring the team and keeping it in Sacramento.”

If Mastrov were to buy the Kings, the price would not be as high as the reported $525 million that Hansen and Co. would pay because there is an extra fee for breaking the arena lease and moving the team.

So, the crazy rumor mill keeps spinning. Where will the Kings end up?

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