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Milton Bradley Charged With Domestic Abuse

Milton Bradley has been known for creating trouble for himself on the diamond, but now he’s in a situation off the diamond.

Bradley is facing 13 years in prison if convicted of abusing his estranged wife.

He was charged on Thursday with 13 misdemeanor counts of assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and dissuading a witness from making a report, according to ESPN.

Bradley allegedly was extremely violent towards his wife, kicking her in the ribs, threatening her with a baseball bat and a knife, and telling her that she would be “dead” before she divorced him.

“My client denies it,” said Bradley’s attorney, Harland Braun. “I’ve talked to him already. He said ‘she’s making up stories. I don’t know what she’s talking about.'”

An 11-year veteran, Bradley played 116 games with the Oakland A’s over two seasons (2006 and 2007). He hit .276 with 14 home runs as a starting outfielder in 2006, before being dealt to the Padres in June of 2007.


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