Mike Singletary to Interview for Bears' Coaching Job

Remember Mike Singletary?

Yes, this guy:

Singletary is back in the news this week after it was reported that he would interview for the Chicago Bears’ head coaching position on Tuesday.

His tenure as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers was troublesome, to say the least. After taking over for Mike Nolan midway through the 2008 season, he immediately butted heads with Vernon Davis, sending him to the locker room during a game (see video above).

However, Niners’ brass signed Singletary to a four-year, $10 million contract after a 5-4 record to close out the 2008 campaign. But after two mediocre season (8-8 and 5-10), he was shown the door in 2010.

Singletary has been an assistant coach with the Minnesota Vikings for the past two years, but now is looking to get back into the head coaching loop with the Bears, the team that he starred for in the mid-1980s.

If he gets hired, I hope he makes the same “I want winners” rant to Jay Cutler’s face.


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  • Randy1983

    Is this posting serious? Seriously. As a manager of any company, team, outfit, much more, a football team, one trait that seriously is a must, are communication skills.

    Singletary had as much communication skills as a mime trying tell you he needs to pee after ingesting 15 gallons of water over 2 hours. Berating players in front of the media is NOT a skill, nor is pulling down your pants when the team plays bad.

    I don’t care if sending VD to the showers works in every player to get them fire up, but here is a linebackers coach seemingly believing he is HC material.

    The fact that the best OC he could get is old Jimmy Raye from the Jurassic area speaks volumes. Let’s not even begin to talk about trouble getting plays from above to the QB, or if opposing teams can yell out a play even before the Niners get a play off to Gore (to the expected spot). Singletary lives in a fantasy time warp, where he speaks of smash mouth football, only to get his own smashed.

    However, if the planets align, and the red sea splits again, while Singletary becomes HC yet again, lets hope we play Minnesota twice or more a year, to get at least 2 predictable lopsided wins.

  • http://twitter.com/Isbonifacio Isbonifacio

    If the Bears hire Singletary as head coach the question becomes “what are they smoking?” But then again Letterman can revive his hilarious parodies of a crazed looking “Coach Singletary” on his talk show.