Cundiff "Performed Real Well" During Tryout at Candlestick Park

It is appearing more and more likely that Billy Cundiff will be the 49ers’ placekicker this Saturday in Green Bay.

On Monday, Cundiff practiced kicks at Candlestick Park, where he has never kicked in his NFL career.

Photos of Cundiff’s tryout were posted on the Candlestick Park Tours Facebook page, with one eyewitness saying, “He performed really well. Very consistent, had great form, and got good depth. He rarely missed.”

For some reason, the post has recently been removed from from Facebook.

Contrary to earlier reports, David Akers did not join Cundiff at Candlestick, leading to the speculation that the 49ers want Cundiff to get accustomed to the strong winds on Saturday night.

In his press conference on Monday, Jim Harbaugh said that there was a “leader in the clubhouse” for the starting placekicker position, but in classic Harbaugh-fashion, he did not reveal the frontrunner.

However, based one what we’ve seen and heard thus far, look for Cundiff to be called upon for field goal attempts this Saturday.

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